WordPress resurrected …

I almost forgot about this blog I had from years ago — I started it up when I put the old Blogger one down to sleep — but I let it linger after only a few posts, and now I think maybe I should play with a bit more, after — what 6 years ? — since the last post? It really is amazing how these pages stay put on the World Wide Web as long as they do, the Internet graveyard.

I’m at a point in my life, between full-time staff jobs, where I have time to learn new software skills and improve upon what I know. So, I should really learn more about WordPress, Photoshop, and something called Google Analytics. (I have Post-It notes stuck all over my home desk with reminders, to-dos, and what-not).

I was given the advice from someone recently that I can learn a lot of skills through You-Tube videos, that I don’t have to invest in classes or books, that everything I need is free and online for the taking. So, carpe diem! And hence, I’ll try to write more and play with my old WordPress site.

And, yes, I changed the name and domain name. I don’t live in San Francisco anymore either. I’m an Oakland gal now and will be writing about stuff from over the Bay.