Thrift stores

Over the weekend, I went to Goodwill and bought a few shirts — total cost $5. I went to the big Goodwill on San Pablo at 66th, I think it is. … up near the Berkeley border. I went there for the first time a few weeks ago, and was a bit overwhelmed by its size. But I used to shop at Goodwill in SF – and hadn’t been to any over in East Bay since I moved here.

I love, love the Out of the Closet thrift store over near Lake Merritt, at 238 E 18th St. It’s so funky. I first went there after I moved to Oakland, and went there at Halloween looking for a cheap costume. Out of the Closet does free HIV testing – and there’s one in SF, too, over in the Castro off Market somewhere. Anyway, since I moved to Oakland, I’ve donated old clothes to Out of the Closet and bought some books and stuff from there. (And it’s a great lake walk, too.)

And then there’s the Temescal Community Thrift Store, which is in the old Hoopers Chocolate Shop, next to McDonald’s on Telegraph Avenue near 45th. This place is crazy. I think they raided a few old attics – it’s musty, great old labels on the clothes, I almost bought this really cute “Mad Men” -ish dress that looked very Jackie-O and was only $12, but then I noticed it had a huge moth-ball hole at the bottom. I contemplated if I could get it tailored or not — but in the end decided — not. This place sells old record players, typewriters (love!), and full encyclopedia sets, too. Lots of old ashtrays … Vintage.