I grew up in the Midwest, and first saw the Atlantic Ocean when I was 12, and the Pacific Ocean when I was 16. I do not ever take for granted living so close to such an amazing gift — the beauty and immensity of the Ocean. It is my cathedral, my spiritual place, a special spot for me to cry, to grieve, to reconnect and recharge my batteries, to meditate, to play my drum, to picnic, to nap, to pray, to read,¬†sometimes by myself, sometimes with a friend¬†– just jumping in my old car on a weekend and heading north, or south, and seeing where I end up. …

This was taken about 3 hours north of Oakland, near Mendocino, on Highway 1. This Thanksgiving, I am grateful for the beauty of the Ocean along the North Coast, and the freedom that I have to enjoy the Ocean nearly any weekend I want. I feel blessed. ~