Seeking solace in the Oakland hills

It’s amazing to me that just 5-10 minutes away from all the houses and neighborhoods of Oakland, you can be transported to a serene quiet of the wilderness. You don’t have to drive very far – and then you’re in the middle of some of the most beautiful redwood forests, hiking spots and — of course — the view spots of the San Francisco Bay and City. I get entrenched in things down below, just every day errands and life itself, that I often forget that I’m blessed with these amazing views and forests up above not too far away. …

I drove up to Redwood Regional Park, which is next to Roberts Regional Recreational Area. Both are off Skyline Boulevard, which runs alongside Highway 13 and Highway 580. They are in Oakland, up above Park Boulevard and the avenues.

Skyline Boulevard Oakland

The air smells cleaner up there, and the hiking trails command amazing views of the Bay and San Francisco on one side, and Mt. Diablo and Contra Costa on the other side. I always feel better hiking, more connected with myself and to nature, a primal feeling that comes out and is often suppressed by living in a confined apartment in the city.

I went up to Redwood  and spent some time this past week reflecting and walking on some trails. There’s something very spiritual for me with nature – whether it’s the ocean or the trees. A lot of emotions come out and are absorbed around. My breath becomes more refined in nature, and it’s very meditative.

The East Bay Regional Park District offers free resources for the picking ~ We need to take advantage of the resources that are offered to us — hiking trails, parks, centers, pools, gardens, and maps. (Earth Day is April 12, btw.)