Earthquake today

This morning, I was awoken by a very sharp earthquake, a 4.0, centered in Piedmont, which is not that far from where I live in Oakland. It really scared me. My alarm clock was about to go off at 7 am – but there was this shaking – it felt like my bed was shaking from side to side, the pictures on the wall looked like they were about to fall off. I didn’t know if it was “the big one” they keep talking about is going to happen somewhere on the Hayward Fault. It lasted for at least 5 seconds, maybe 10 — and even though it was only 4.0, it seemed like it was more. My heart was racing — and I was tired on top of that, not yet awake. I tried to think very quickly, in my “big girl” Girl Scout alumni way of thinking, putting my pajama bottoms on, a hoodie on, my glasses on, and even started to think Disaster Mode — 1) Do I need to text my boss (will the cell phones work?); 2) what happens if there is a major earthquake? Should I go to work? Is that what I’m required to do? 3) Should I get the hell out of the building? Is it structurally sound and safe? 4) Should I grab my purse? My medication? Where are my shoes? What? …


Instead, I stood in the doorway of my bedroom, and gripped the wall. My eyes were wide, wide, I could feel them wide. … I felt the wall – and it was warm, it was purring, it was not still. … I did not know if there would be another one. Or what.

Then, I went into the living room, and turned on the news. My old, journalist hat from being a reporter – which I will have until I die – a thirst for the news. And, there it was, “Breaking News, Earthquake in Oakland.” 4.0.

The weather here this past weekend has been unbearably hot, stinking hot. I don’t have a fan. I used to have one, but it’s long, long gone. I don’t have air conditioning. I have been sleeping with all the windows open, no blankets. I haven’t been sleeping at all actually. For weeks. I’ve been having trouble sleeping. And my body has been hurting, it’s catching up with me. My shoulder, the right part of my back, my neck. Last night, I took a bath, and then went to sleep after. But then, something woke me up in the middle of the night – I was wide awake (again, ugh), and couldn’t go back to sleep for another hour. I stayed awake and read from one of my books, and then eventually, organically, went to sleep. …

Until, BOOM! SUDDENLY – it hit just after 6:30 a.m.. Tonight, I don’t know how I’ll sleep – the likelihood of another one – next to nil, I’m sure, but a little more likely next to nil now. So, the likelihood of me sleeping is 85-15, one can guess.