One of my favorite buildings

I love old buildings. I love old, brick buildings, 100 years old, their history, character. I wish cities would cherish them more, rather then tear them down for same-old same-old mixed-use development condos, high-end retail, or worse, Starbucks and cookie-cutter stuff that looks exactly the same anywhere. I love old architecture – a time when builders and craftsmen, and their financiers, took time and effort and love to make neighborhoods more beautiful — even if just a few extra detail.

There are so many old lovely buildings in Oakland – driving through downtown, Jack London Square, through the neighborhoods. I have some photos of what I like, and I really need to start taking more and cataloguing old buildings that I like. I have them in my head, the map in my head, what I like.

Here’s one in particular that I see all the time – all the time – very prominent on 40th and Market Street, driving to go shopping at Target or all the other shops over there. It just sits there on the corner, I wonder what is it’s history? It’s so beautiful. I would love to live there, even though it’s not really the best neighborhood.


Here’s the history of the building – it was the factory of Toscana Bakery in 1927. A beautiful factory for bread, don’t you think?