Oakland and Brooklyn comparison – article in the NYT

A recent article in the New York Times compares Oakland to Brooklyn, N.Y. It’s a well-written article.

I do take a little offense at Oakland being compared to another city, however. Oakland has its OWN character, just as Brooklyn has ITS own character. … A few years ago, I went to New York City and had the opportunity to also visit and stay in Brooklyn. Geographical comparisons aside between San Francisco vs. Manhattan and Oakland vs. Brooklyn – I think they’re different, they have a different vibe. Oakland is a West Coast city that emulates a California style, California cuisine, architecture, history, art, and cultural diversity unique and way different than Brooklyn, entrenched in hundreds of years of immigrant history, brownstones, different values, and especially weather. It’s a superficial comparison and becoming “cliché” to compare the two.

That said, there is a growing energy in Oakland, a casual spirit, a joie de vivre if you will. Whereas there are more techies and young people making more money in San Francisco, in Oakland there are more artists and working class people, more families, more diversity. I love living here, and I love being here on the weekends.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree with the Oakland vs. Brooklyn comparison?